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Tulisydän firebox – technical specification

The unit consists a firebox made of refractory castable elements and and ashbox made of steel. The glass door is fixed to the facade sheet.

Tulisydän firebox can be used masonry heaters, which have a frame including smoke channels and possinly an outer skin of 60-125 mm thickness.

The amount of wood, which can be burned is 8 or 10 kgs, this means, that the released energy is 25 or 32 kWh. Depending of the need of heating energy, two loadings can be burned after each other. If more energy is needed, it is recommended to have a break of 4-6 hours and then usemore wood according to the need.

The total weight of the unit is about 230 kg. The dimensions are: widht 520 mm, depth 540 mm and heigth 980 mm. Inside measurements of the firebox are: depth 520 mm and the width 400 mm

The most suitable length of the logs is 330 mm, it is one meter wood cut in three pieces. The length can vary from 250 to 400 mm.

The maximum weight of the elements in the unit is 25 kg. There is an ashbodoor, which includes the combustion air control and an ash container with lock. The floor is made of three cast iron grates.

The unit consists of 12 refractory castable elements, 3 cast iron parts, 11 parts of steel and necessary gaskets.